Which colored iPhone 11 should I buy?

The latest iPhone 11 comes in exciting 6 color variants. So if you have decided to buy a new iPhone 11, then the next question will be “which color”?

Among the 6 different colors selecting one is a bit confusing. 6 different colors that Apple offers are:
  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Yellow
  4. Red(Product)
  5. Green
  6. Purple

Black, being the all time classic option, getting black iPhone 11 will never be a bad idea. Black gives the elegant and classy look and your phone doesn’t stand out too much. And I think black is the standard color option and perfect for working professionals.

While considering White, it is not a striking color as much as white option on iPhone XR. And I think silver color on iPhone XS is much better than white color on iPhone 11.

If you want your iPhone to stand out, then you can definitely choose the Yellow. Yellow is one of the lovable colors and would also sell very well I think but it seems a lot paler than the iPhone XR version.

Product Red is the flashiest color and is still going strong in the iPhone series. Red is a bit louder than all other colors of iPhone 11 series. I’ve never really liked Red, it seems too bright to me. But it is built for a charitable reason and 50 percent profits are donated to the (RED) organization which helps contribute to Global Fund in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

One of the brand new colors in the iPhone series is the Green color. It is not the same as the midnight green of iPhone 11 Pro series, it is closer to a pastel teal.

The gender-neutral version of Purple suits everyone and trust me it is gonna be the most popular and interesting choice for the iPhone 11. It is not very loud and might even be scarce in physical stores. It gives a stealthy look and matches with any clothing style.

Even though I prefer Classy Black personally, the evergreen color but a lot of people seems to like the Purple according to Fixerman, probably because it is the newest color.  And if you are looking for something new rather than the plain old colors, choose the Green or Purple.

Anyhow, most people are going to buy back cases and I don’t like clear cases because tons of dirt and sand and other disgusting stuff get stuck inside of it. If you prefer to buy a case, then go for plain cases. Though you need to keep it lot protected as the smallest of the scratches can sometimes be easily visible at a tilt.

Anyway, phones with a black screen look good, because it helps diminish bezels, making the screen look much better while viewing certain content as it gives a subconscious dark mode to your display. Any video or any photo looks even better when the color around the display is in black.

Again, if you want to make it obvious that you have the latest and greatest, then Green and Purple are your best options. But the choice is yours, it varies from person to person. You can visit any of the Apple store and try the iPhone 11 which will looks better in your hand. So choose the one that you feel perfect.

While considering the pro versions of iPhone 11, it has the brand new midnight green color, which is simply awesome. And if you are planning to buy iPhone 11 Pro, then you should definitely go for the midnight green option, you would really love it. And other variants of iPhone 11 Pro are the most familiar Space Gray, silver and Gold finishes.

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